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February 26, 2013
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It had been some years since we defeated the Nightmare King, my ‘duties’ as a guardian didn’t change too much, except maybe for the fact that there was now people that could actually see me. I was so glad! Being a guardian didn’t drained my freedom away. Now I was complete: I had friends, family… and some adopted little siblings… and with that, I mean my first two believers...

In all this time, I’ve done everything in my power to guarantee their happiness, like that time when Jamie had an important exam some months ago… He passed the entire night studying and (naturally) didn’t get enough sleep. So… I used some of my “influences” to make it snow just enough to cancel classes, and he had the exam the next day. HAHAHA! I still have his expression fresh in my head! That day, when I went to check on him, I turned his alarm off, in order to help him sleep as much as he should…and when he woke up he thought he had overslept and missed the exam! Try to imagine my amusement when he screamed in student-horror before I explained to him what I did (It was so much funnier when he said: “BRO! I could kiss you right now!” and gave me a bear hug, he almost made me fall since he is taller now)

There’s also been some other occasions when I’ve done things more…let us say… personal… I know it is not exactly right for a guardian to have favorites but… this two are like little siblings to me.

Some weeks ago, for example, I was wandering through town early in the morning, enjoying the last moments of silence before people got in the way to their jobs and school in about an hour… I imagined how wonderful the holidays were going to be! Winter brake was turning the corner, Jamie would be home by then (he was a college man now, a freshmeat, sorry freshman,)…and we all would have some serious fun together! But my frozen fantasies would have to wait when I heard someone crying…

It was still a bit dark, and still too cold for anyone to be out of their homes, (unless there was a funeral, it was really rare to find someone outside and crying without an end), my curiosity pulled me to investigate about that sound… somehow, it was familiar… I followed it and recognized it, but I still couldn’t believe until I saw it I found Sophie, wearing a big pink jacket, green pants with flowers in the knees, a pair of furry light-brown boots and a purple-tripped bonnet under which her long blond hair came out.

“Sophie?” I called and confirmed what I suspected when she looked up at me with sad eyes filled with tears.

“Jack!” She yelped as she hurried to hide her tears. “You’re… back in town…”

“Yeah, it’s officially the first day of winter, a week before winter break… “I started to say, as if it was obvious (and It was) “…but the true question is… what are you doing out here so early? And more important…why were you crying?” I asked the little girl (if I’m still allowed to call her that; she’s now thirteen, and has turned to a pretty young lady, she has freckles all over her pinky cheeks and her eyes sparkle like little stars when she smiles, and she has a beautiful smile! Sometimes reminds me of my sister Piper, except for her hair and eye color, they’re just alike!) I looked at her directly in her puffy reddish eyes (result of her constant crying, and I also noticed some dark circles around them, how much time had she…?), she was still fighting some tears, before I spoke again I placed my hands on her shoulders “Sophie, what’s wrong?” I asked softly, her only response being silence “…you know you can tell me everything about anything, right?” In that moment, she buried her face in my chest and broke out in tears. I just could hug her tightly to make her feel my support until the moment she could speak again…

“Every…everybody hates me!” she muttered in between some sobs.

“Of course not! Sophie, why do you say that?” I made her apart to look right into her eyes.

“I… I… Everyone in school is saying things about me…” she said “… They call me a liar, a traitor, an they’re even making fun of my drawings of fairies…” I blinked confused by this, Sophie was being bullied? When did this happened? The last time I came it was on the early days of spring, I didn’t cause a blizzard (yes, I gave myself the chance of being lazy), just some wintery-cold wind here and there… and I happily saw a kite competition and smiled at how Sophie and her friends were having fun, Sophie’s kite was a beautiful hummingbird-like kite that really looked like baby tooth! She won, and it wasn’t because of me, no, no, no, no, she made the kite herself and it was light and stable by its own. Everyone congratulated her, she seemed to be so happy!
But now… bullies? Where did they came from?

“Are you out here… to avoid the bus?” she gave me a nod. “Tell you what, I’ll take you to school and we’ll talk while the others arrive” She smiled, her teary smiley face just… melted my heart and broke it at the same time.

We arrived to the place after some minutes, and a wild ride on the wind that made her laugh brightly again while we landed by the building’s rooftop, almost as if she hadn’t been crying before (except for the circles around her eyes… I wondered if there was something wrong with her dreams… what if she had been having nightmares.
“That was awesome!” she exclaimed, taking me out of my thoughts of concern “Can we do it again?”

“Yes, but not now” I simply said with my smile. “Now that we’re here… tell me, what’s being happening?” Sophie let out a deep sigh while sitting on some spot in the floor. “It started in September…” she began to say with a gloomy expression “I heard some rumors about Julien Mourice liked me… and… I… got caught by curiosity… So…” she was hesitant to say what she was about to say, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to continue “by the summer… well… one day me and my friends went to the pool and mom told me to come back early, and it was almost 7:00 pm when I noticed the time, I was supposed to be back before 7:30, so I ran as fast as I could, in the way home I accidentally bumped into him… The next day, I found him by the neighborhood… apparently, I had dropped my phone and didn’t even noticed. So… he came to give it back… After that, we became friends and… started to “date” for at least two weeks… ”

For some reason, when she talked about the “dating” thing I felt as if I had just come down from a roller coaster… a super-sonic roller coaster… I almost let myself go dizzy, I was about to faint but I knew I shouldn’t and did my best to not end up unconscious in the floor… though I was sure I would be getting a really bad migraine or something after. I was tempted to give her a little lecture about notify me before she had a relationship of any kind, and tell me about every boy she placed her eyes upon, but I know I have no right to control her life… And I have to accept the fact that my little Soph was… growing up… I tried to keep calm… and started to draw nonsense in the snow to keep like this while she continued…

“We dated for the rest of the summer, he would come to pick me up and then watch a movie, or just some ice cream…! She grinned with anguish “The thing is that… every little thing we did… I told to all of my friends… because they were all somewhere out of the town and…” the tears started to low again.

“…when classes started again, we had meet for the last time three days before, and he said I… I would be officially his girlfriend when we had a class together. When we started classes, I noticed the only class we had was chemistry. But… he didn’t talk to me at all… unless we had a lab practice, then he would come and ask me about formulas and components… and if we find each other in the free period, it was only for school business, nothing else... One day… I just asked him why he didn’t hang out with me anymore and asked him to go out but… He laughed at me and said something about not being interested in a weird idiot who still believed in fairies…” When I heard that… I had an almost uncontrollable desire of freeze something or better said someone. By the time I realized it… I had drawn the stick figure of a hanged man…

“Then my friends tried to defend me, they knew everything that happened in the summer, but that helped Julian to deny it all by saying I had being the one stalking him and that everything was a lie, a lie because I wanted a fairy tale. At the end, they too ended up believing him, and now they think I betrayed our friendship, and the school followed. When I got the mid-term exams all with a perfect 100%, everyone complained that I had surely cheated because I was already a liar. And Julian then started a rumor that I was a freak who couldn’t see the difference between fantasy and the real world and...” I saw her tears star to roll down her cheeks and I hugged her, I pet her head and played a little with her messy blond hair.

“It’s okay Soph... everything is going to be fine, I promise…” I said. I was so furious by now! I just…! I wanted to turn those… brats into a solid block of ice… especially that “Julien”.

“Really? How can you be so sure?” She questioned with curiosity drawn all over her face along with the sadness…

“Because it won’t last for too long, for I, the Prince of Frost, will avenge you, as an emissary of Nemesis goddess of the divine justice!” I overly acted, and even surprised myself I actually remembered that Greek goddess’ name. Sophie let out a little laughter. “But, seriously Soph… I am a guardian, I’ll take care of this”

“B-but… isn’t that against the rules…?”

“What the other’s doesn’t know, won’t kill me, besides, I’m an expert in paybacks…”

“And I thought you were just the guardian of fun…”

“And what could be funnier than snowballs and revenge?” She rolled her eyes as if looking for an answer in the cloudy sky above… I just chuckled. “…now… tell me more about this… Julian guy…”

Summary: When Sophie has certain problems at school, Jack is now going to help her right before winter brake... besides, he still has teach her about the funniest thing in the world.

HA! It's finally here! X3
I started this AGES AGO! and I decided to put it up now, It'll have a secont chapter and that will be it ;) I hope you like it! X3
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It's good to see you writing again, although I hope you update Fishbone Braker soon, and you should tell me how you got a premium account.

What I like:

The humor- You're the right person to be writing a Jack Frost story because you know how to have fun and make us laugh.

The pathos- "pathos" is the Greek word for appealing to emotions, and BOY, do you appeal to emotions. I remember when we talked about facing bullies and how kids don't seem to realize how cruel they are. And even better, Jack is taking up the case.

What to think about:

Pacing- While I enjoyed the story and every event that happened, I felt that there were moments where I would have wanted to stop and take a deep breath. This could be fixed with tighter writing, making sure that each word counts and that you create a strong rhythm.

Please write more! Update constantly.
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flippyandflaky Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013   Digital Artist
did you know jacks first beliver was sophie
mak96k Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thought it was Jamie.
flippyandflaky Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013   Digital Artist
no, cause if Sophie didn't believe in jack he wouldn't be able to carry her to her room
mak96k Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No, I don't think so. I did wonder about how he was able to carry her, but I think when kids are asleep they all believe in anything (dreams can make the impossible possible). I mean she couldn't see him or feel him before she went to sleep. After she did, he was able to hold her. And, I mean, he can't touch and hold things the kids that don't believe in him are holding. But, when they are not holding them, he can touch it. (Proof: Alarm clock, floor, book) In truth, the physics in this whole movie is messed up. I mean, where did he get the hoodie? He wasn't reborn with the hoodie, so he had to get it somewhere. (Trash or something, probably) So, people should see a floating hoodie, right? See, messed up physics. Anyway, Jamie was the first to truly believe in Jack Frost.
flippyandflaky Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013   Digital Artist
wow i never thought of it that way

i still think Sophie is the first believer
mak96k Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't mind that. I believe Jamie is. But, it's up to you. That is, as long as you BELIEVE!

Oh, please check out my fanfiction. I just finished writing chapter 1. [link]
flippyandflaky Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013   Digital Artist
kk :iconsqueeeeplz: cant wait to read it
mak96k Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! That means a lot!
Yami-Horus Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Eeeyup =) but i'm using it for another fanfiction where it hs a major part in the story :D
flippyandflaky Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013   Digital Artist
:iconsqueeeeplz: i cant wait
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