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(My Patriotic Rant)

Tue Sep 23, 2014, 1:04 AM
I just read the news and I was hopeing it was one of those fake news from that site that makes a joke out of real news or something like that... but no... It is real... (I stil hope it is not a reality!)

Mexican National Hymn is the second most beautiful hymn in the world. Lyrics were created by the mexicna poet Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra and then it was musicalized by the spaniard composer Jaime Ninó. 

Government says our National Hymn is no longer valid and it should be changed. My reaction: " WHAT THE HECK? I like my National Hymn!"  But senators and all those politicians say it sounds too... belic and violent and bloody for modern times (because it was created in 1853, when the nation was still in anarchic state... blah blah blah... and it was needed to create a national identity and help unify the people). 

They are saying: "Mexico is not anymore in the need for belic forces and national unity, we are a neutral pacific country and we need a new and modern national hymn that reflects how we really are" 

Ok, it might be... well, it does describe war situations, and speaks about honor, warriors, our nation being like a mother and the enemy perishing in dishonor and  all covereed in blood... but MOST OF THE POPULATION ONLY KNOWS THE CHOURS AND THE FIRST STROPHE!!

CORO (chour)
Mexicanos, al grito de guerra (Mexicans, to the warcry)
El acero aprestad y el bridón, (prepare steel and snaffle)
Y retiemble en sus centros la tierra (and the earth tremble on its centers [NOTE: "Centers" refears to cities, important cities ])
Al sonoro rugir del cañón (to the mighty canion's roars)
ESTROFA I  (First Strophe)
Ciña ¡Oh Patria! tus sienes de oliva (Will encircle, O Motherland! thine temples with olive...)
de la paz el arcángel divino, (...of peace the divine archangel)
que en el cielo tu eterno destino (...for in heaven/the sky thy eternal destiny...)
por el dedo de Dios se escribió. (...was written by the finger of God...)
Mas si osare un extraño enemigo (However, if ever dares an eerie enemy...)
profanar con su planta tu suelo, (...with it's feet profane thy grounds...)
piensa ¡Oh Patria querida! que el cielo (think, O Motherland!, that heaven...)
un soldado en cada hijo te dio. 

(Has given you a soldier in every child!)

(I know by heart the official LONG VERSION, the one with six strophes,  because I was part of a  poorly-formed-improvised-version-of-a-chour for like three weeks at elementary school and we had to learn it. The full song has ten.)  ALSO! The thing is filled with war therms from the XIX century that are no longer used, wich means only if you are a RAE-loverlike me, (RAE, acronym for "Real Academia de la lengua española" , meaning: Royal Academy of Spanish Language) or you are a scholar in spanish language, an historian OR! you are part of the mexican army and you know about ancient army calls, you'll be able to  understand the full meaning of the hymn.

Come on! Even if they find a poet smart/talented/sensitive enough to portray Mexico as all that it is in present day, it would need John Powell to create the mellody to make people accept it embrace it and love it as much as the one we have right now

Okay... that's it... It's not like this is going to get comments or something

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